Dom's kayak. The water is as still as a mill pond and beyond the kayak the sea is chocked with ice.

Well its been a crazy couple weeks getting everything together for the trip I really haven’t had a minute to spare prior to flying out to Canada! I am currently in Edmonton, Alberta awaiting my equipment to clear customs. I have all of my personnel equipment cleared, now I await my trip flares to clear which should happen tomorrow! The Canadian people have been very helpful in all respects which makes my wait bearable here at the airport.

I have been in touch with Gjoa Haven, the ice conditions are not good with no clear water apart from close in shore. The ice pack is starting to break up but slowly, this will effect my current plan so I am planning a number options I am on plan Z(2) for now!! All being well I will be in Gjoa Haven 31st July which will give me a better idea of how I can cross James Ross straight to get to the Boothia mainland.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped me to get this far it looks like the expedition is going to be a real challenge, but be assured I will give it everything I’ve got and do you all proud.

So to finish up for this weeks update I am stuck at an airport hotel pulling my hair out trying to get to the Arctic, but on the plus side the beer is fantastic.

So what I am saying is life is good!