Dom's kayak. The water is as still as a mill pond and beyond the kayak the sea is chocked with ice.
Dom Mee sitting outside his tent on the bleak arctic tundra with gun at the ready

Dom makes it to the magnetic north pole of 1831

Having experienced the worst ice flow conditions in twenty years and not to be beaten Dom was forced to bury his Kayak (IDS International) his equipment and his food into the ground. On foot carrying his food, emergency equipment and his gun Dom headed north in search of the magnetic north pole discovered by Sir James Ross in 1831.

An extremely arduous trek followed over the worst terrain that he had encountered to date. In Dom’s own words “this makes Dartmoor look like a stroll in Hyde Park!” Dom had been walking for a considerable length of time when he was charged by a Musk ox, which came from the undergrowth. The Musk ox is an animal that stands around 5ft in height, around six feet in length with a lot of body hair much like a Bison. Dom dived to avoid the attack, the Musk ox galloped forward before turning to attack again. Dom was out of options, so he cocked his weapon and shot the Musk ox.

Dom has made it to the magnetic north pole, a great achievement and one of the necessary historical elements of the expedition; he is delighted. Dom plans to head back to the Kayak where he will make her ready for the onward journey and charge his communication equipment via solar. He will then paddle south towards Spence Bay which he should reach this coming Sunday.