The Arctic Quest 1832 team standing in a row beside their discovery: rusted engine parts from The Victory
Dom Mee, Mark Cowell, and Paul Cronin on the shore of Felix Harbour in the arctic with the remains of the engine from Ross’s ship The Victory

It is not often that modern day explorers like myself have the opportunity to report a historical discovery.

We have just returned from Felix Harbour where Sir John Ross and his crew were trapped by pack ice in 1829 during which they unloaded the steam engine from the ship ‘The Victory’ as it was unreliable.

We have found the remains of the engine as well as other artifacts relating to the ship.

We have also had the added bonus of finding three ice anchors from ‘The Victory’.

To be the first British expedition to reach the winter harbours is in itself a great achievement especially in the worst ice conditions in 60 years, to make such discoveries is beyond our wildest dreams.

Baz Campbell as the expedition second in command has proved a great asset with a level head and his excellent land navigation skills has contributed greatly to the success of the expedition.

Mark Cowell as expedition entertainer has kept up the moral of everyone throughout.

Craig Haslam has proved to be a natural coxswain learning to navigate through the very thick pack ice with flying colours.

Mark Hankey has worked very hard throughout and given the team a direct connection with his family ’ The Ross’s’ who we follow.

Sue Cox despite being the smallest person on the expedition has pulled her weight all the way. As the expedition historian she has guided the team to make the discovery’s we have made.

Paul Cronin as the team communications specialist has without fail maintained our ability to send messages and photo’s back to the UK and to update you all on our progress via the website.

When I reflect back to my last expedition where I was trapped 30 miles south of here it was so near yet so far, winter approaching and alone in Polar bear country I had no choice but to pull back. I said I would return to finish the job and I have with a special group of people.

The expedition is not over yet as we have had a week of unfavourable winds and are cut off by pack ice, watch this space!!

I would like to personally thank Adrian Wibrew the expedition project manager for his tireless efforts back home on our behalf.

Simon Jones Managing Director of IDS International for believing in me and funding this second expedition and all of our sponsors who continue with their support for my endeavours.