The Arctic Quest 1832 team standing in a row beside their discovery: rusted engine parts from The Victory
Mark Cowell hangs some sleeping bags over a washing line with an ice-choked sea in the background

Greetings from Krusenstern lake. The lake bears the same name as Sir John Ross’s supply ship, this is quite apt as we have spent a while getting our supplies up here.

After two days of hard graft the team are now sitting on the shores of Krusenstern lake.

Getting here was no mean feat - the quad bike qualified members of the team spent many hours in the saddle ferrying up just under a tonne’s worth of kit and supplies, as well as themselves and their teamates.

The tundra is very barren and unforgiving and whilst riding we have to watch out for hidden rocks, bumps and streams - all of which could have wrecked a bike and seriously hampered the expedition.

Prior to leaving the Catholic Mission we were blessed by Father Hugo and Sister Dorisa, this was a very special moment. They then went on to give each of us hand made crosses which we will all treasure for ever.

Today (Tuesday) was spent zeroing in the .303 rifle and practising with the pump action shotgun. Although the last thing we want to do is hurt an animal we have to be prepared to defend ourselves if necessary.

Dom and three of the team took one of the boats (IDS International) on to the lake for an ice recce. The ice has shifted a bit (thanks to a favourable wind).