The Arctic Quest 1832 team standing in a row beside their discovery: rusted engine parts from The Victory
The sun setting over the arctic shoreline

The team have at last returned to the UK safe and well. We spent a number of days staying at the Catholic Mission in Taloyoak very kindly hosted by Mike and Father Brogen.

We are back but our expedition cargo is still in transit a huge thank you to Air Canada Cargo and First Air for their kind sponsorship in transporting our equipment. The team are enjoying time with their families and returning to their respective jobs around the bazaars.

We would also not want to forget Mark Hankey and his family at this time as David his father sadly passed away while we were on the expedition.

The media response was very positive on our return with appearances on BBC news and HTV news. Things have not stopped since my return and Adrian and I have been collating all of our press cuttings to send to our sponsors. It still hasn’t yet sunk in the great success, which we enjoyed, on this last expedition we have been truly blessed with our discoveries. Our production company meet the team at the airport and have already started editing our videotapes for our documentary to be shown on National Geographic Channel early next year.

My team at The Quest Expedition Limited have been busy organising further sponsorship for my next challenge, but funds our still tight so please spread the word!! All being well we will be formally announcing some exciting news before Christmas.

The website will continue to be updated with news as we move forward to the next big challenge. Paul Ward from Inform has done a brilliant job with the website, which has made our expedition so accessible.

I am happy to announce that IDS International Ltd have given their commitment to our expeditions for the next three years, which is fabulous news for us all. IDS International is a visionary company with a worldwide presence in the field of security. Simon Jones Managing Director commented:

“In a changing world it is inspiring and courageous by the principals and virtues that the Ross’s and their crew implemented and utilised for their survival. The principals of courage, leadership, teamwork and integrity are not only maintained by Dom Mee and his Quest team are also expanded to give inspiration to today’s generation in a way that historic explorers have done in the past. IDS International Ltd are proud to be linked to such an historical expedition and a dynamic team of people”

I would also like to thank the Royal Navy and Royal Marines along with all of our sponsors who made the expedition possible and to my team who worked hard on the expedition and were instrumental to it’s successful conclusion.