The Arctic Quest 1832 team standing in a row beside their discovery: rusted engine parts from The Victory
Baz Campbell cooks an arctic salmon

Lat Long: 70DEG 08’07N 092DEG 23’03W

Location: Thom Bay Mission.

The last few days have seen the team in a static location at Thom Bay Mission. This outpost is the first of our historical sites, from here we have been observing the massive icepack that moves back and forth with the tide.

Apart from a few boat reconoitres to see if we can find a lead through the ice to our next objective and a water resupply up the Lord Lindsay River, we have been ice bound. Nevertheless, the team are in high spirits.

Susie Cox is coping very well under the extreme pressure of relentless satire from five Royal Marines and one Royal Navy Officer.

She now speaks fluent ‘Jack-Speak’ and can ‘scupper a wet right down to the sandy bottoms’ as good as the next man.

Apologies are sent in advance to her family and friends as she will require a rehabilitation course before returning to the civilised society of London.

Wildlife observations include Caribou, Seals and 3 Bullnose Whales that crossed our path 2 days ago. Their distinctive ‘blow-hole’ sounds alerted us to their presence and we watched them majestically weave through the pack ice and cross the bay.

Yesterday we were fortunate to run into Mr Alookee and his family. Mr Alookee is a well respected Inuit in Nunavut and has a great aura around him. His awareness of these lands is vast and his wife Elizabeth diligently translates all his imparted knowledge for us.

Generously, they also gave us one of their freshly caught 10lb Char (Arctic Salmon), a welcome respite from the dehydrated rations we carry.

Finally for today, Happy Birthday to Baz Campbell’s daughter Jessica, she is 3 today and Daddy says he will be phoning home later. I share my 41st birthday with Alan Shearer (not on the expedition) tomorrow. I’ll be celebrating the day with a card from my girlfriend Sarah and some mushroom soup (eat your heart out Alan)!

TTFN from all the team.