The boat Little Murka with pink kite out in front and Dom Mee at the helm, tiny amid the towering storm seas of the both Atlantic
Dom Mee's revolutionary boat 'Little Murka' under construction. It is little more than a fibreglass shell, roughly sanded and with a shark face drawn on the front

Dom Mee and his secret new challenge into the unknown alone

Rowsell and Atkin Exmouth based boat builders are proud to announce they are to build a vessel for the Maritime Explorer Dom Mee. Dom’s next expedition aims to be a world first and is being kept a closely guarded secret. Project sponsor and Maritime Security Company IDS International are providing counter surveillance equipment to make sure the Dom’s next venture will be kept under wraps.

“It has been very exciting with men in black visiting the yard installing surveillance equipment and making us sign disclosure contracts. I feel like Q in a James Bond movie”

Justin Atkin, boat builder

The project will be very pioneering in keeping with Dom’s belief that to be called an explorer means to pioneer new concepts and promote the furtherance of knowledge.

The next project has been a global collective think tank with input from New Zealand, America and Europe and research and development continues with still many hurdles still to be overcome. Said Dom:

“The next expedition will be one of my hardest challenges to date that will test me to my very soul, success is not guaranteed as I will enter into the unknown in a venture not even tried before, it will be very technical and physical challenge”

The roughly-constructed shell of the boat 'little murka' seen from the rear. The hatch leading into a tiny cramped cabin is visible.

Rowsell and Atkin have many years of experience in boat building and were selected as they have proved to be diverse in the projects they under take. The yard has build award winning racing dinghies, around the world tri-marans and lately have specialised in building Ocean Row boats. Justin Atkin who runs the yard will in November this year row across the Atlantic as part of the Woodvale Events Atlantic Rowing Race.

Top designer Phil Morrison has been involved in designing Dom’s new vessel with his vast experience in boat design he has proved a great asset to the team.