The boat Little Murka with pink kite out in front and Dom Mee at the helm, tiny amid the towering storm seas of the both Atlantic

Hey Folks,

The Domster lives!! Very close one not a lot I could do about the whole situation it was a number of small factors but speeded up by 50 knots of wind and losing the sea anchor causing things to go very dark and we had 24 hours to keep afloat before a vessel arrived. I am currently onboard the CCGS Cygnus with a great crew of guys who have made me feel very welcome. We are looking to arrive in St Johns Wednesday evening, 28th September.

Murka is currently being towed behind the coastguard vessel which is not ideal. 35 knots of SW and she is being towed at 8 knots hopefully the rope will hold. If the weather improves tomorrow we will try and crane her onboard the Cygnus, big fingers crossed.

So at this stage the Captain cannot guarantee that Murka will make it back.

Sorry for causing you such worry back home and sorry I didn’t complete the mission, but 24 hours ago it was mission impossible to stay alive!! We did well & I am happy with the outcome believe me.

I guess I will call when I reach St Johns

What a trip!!