The boat Little Murka with pink kite out in front and Dom Mee at the helm, tiny amid the towering storm seas of the both Atlantic

Hey Folks,

I am afraid to say that we have lost Little Murka she parted her tow this afternoon. The captain and crew did everything possible to recover her onboard when this failed the crew tried to launch the rib but her launching gear failed in the swell making it unusable.

The crew onboard the Cygnus got really attached to Little Murka and were gutted we couldn’t get her home I have been honored to meet these fine people. Murka was set a drift at N46 06.8 W046 42.

The Coastguard has issued a notice to Mariners informing them of ‘Little Murka’ and her last know position.

I have lost everything, I’m sorry to report. I stand in my dry suit and that’s it!! No passport camera or journals. It is a cruel blow, but I must remember that when I surfaced from the boat after I capsised I found myself in a monstrous storm, it was a miracle that I survived for 24 hours in those conditions.

The crew have been so good to me they even baked me a cake for my birthday I have been truly humbled by their kindness.

What the future holds I don’t know, but I guess we will work it out. Maybe I will tidy the garden this winter & ponder over what will be next.


Love to all & thank you for all of your messages of support.

The blog sounds interesting… I cannot wait to have a look.