The boat Little Murka with pink kite out in front and Dom Mee at the helm, tiny amid the towering storm seas of the both Atlantic

Well folks a lot slower going than expected this has been due to easterly winds blowing against us and some very heavy weather in the first two days. Little Murka and I are in good shape we are right on the edge of the Grand Banks and if the SW winds predicted come on saturday me and the little girl will be clear of the banks and that will be very good for moral. We have been joined by some traveling companoins since leaving St Johns three storm peterals and a peteral who stay with us and use us a perch during the night. Big thanks to everyone in St Johns for thier help during our stay there Dan Mullet, Frank and Francis at Avalon Frank and his team at Emskip Eliane and her team at Leeside Manor and everyone else who really helped use out.

Thanks to my team back home Adrian Wibrew as ever my friend and Peter at 7E for working hard to make all the comms happen and Alby at Para Anchores Austraila I owe you so much again!

Much love to Ang and my family thank you for your love and belief in me which will keep me going no matter what lies ahead.

Tim Welford Pacific Partner I think of you every day and miss your friendship and banter and this voyage your coming next time!!

Many thanks to you all out there following our progress on our website and your good will messages are a real boost hopefully we will be making good miles towards home on the next update. All I can say is that me and Little Murka are doing our best.

Dom and Little Murka