The boat Little Murka with pink kite out in front and Dom Mee at the helm, tiny amid the towering storm seas of the both Atlantic

As you can see folks the map is updating again, with a big thank you to Peter at 7E Communications Tim at X-plot and the team at Stratosglobal. Weekend shenanigan’s for all concerned.

13:30hrs I have just fininshed on the Sat Phone. All is well onboard ‘Little Murka’ & Dom is still making steady progress towards home. With a fair wind he feels that he may clear the Grand Banks in the next 24hrs or so.

He spotted his first Whale this morning, he was unable to tell which species it was as it was quite a way off. I have forwarded all of your e-mails & kind messages of support onto Dom many thanks for those keep them coming. I may have to shorten some of them to reduce data size for my direct emails to Dom.

He promises to send us a live update from ‘Little Murka’ as soon as he is clear of the banks & Can take time out from Kite Flying to type us up a message. Meanwhile I will do my best to keep you all in the loop.