Dom Mee and Tim Welford heading out to sea in their ocean-going rowboat

Pacific Odyssey 2001: Across the world’s largest ocean in a rowboat

Attempt to row unsupported across the North Pacific from Japan to America. The row took 136 days until a fishing trawler with no one on the bridge ran down the ocean rowing boats ‘Crackers’ ending the voyage.



Monochrome portrait of Dom Mee taken mid-voyage; his hair is getting longer and unkempt and he has a beard.
Dom Mee, mid-voyage.
Monochrome portrait of Tim Welford seen here pulling hard at the oars. His beard indicates that this was taken well into the voyage
Tim Welford pulling hard at the oars.
Dom Mee and Tim Welford strain at the oars as the rowboat heads out toward open sea
Heading out into open sea
Dom Mee standing in the rowboat, wearing a wetsuit and holding up a large fish that he has just caught far out in the pacific
Today’s dinner, as caught by Dom
Against a grey sky, a whale's huge tail is raised out of the water of the pacific ocean
Ocean wonders: a whale’s huge tail is raised above the water as the creature prepares to dive.
Inquisitive porpoises or dolphins investigate the camera. Photo taken underwater.
Some friendly deep ocean visitors, courtesy of a waterproof digital camera
Dom Mee floating in the water with lifejacket, beside the wreckage of the rowboat, watching the fishing vessel that has just run them down as it continues on its way, heedless
Taken mere moments after the rowboat was hit by a fishing vessel. The vessel continued on its way, heedless.
The wrecked, upturned rowboat, photographed from underwater. The oars hang down in the water.
The ruined, upturned rowboat, photographed from beneath the surface
Tim Welford surfaces from an inspection dive he has taken to inspect the damage to the rowboat from under the surface of the water. Damage to the rowboat's hull is clearly visible.
Tim Welford surfaces after having dived down to assess the damage to the craft
Dom Mee balancing atop the overturned boat. The damage done by the fishing vessel, which has almost sliced the rowboat in two, is clearly visible.
The damage in full. The rowboat was almost cut in half by the impact