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Legal notices

​This page will set out this site’s position regarding common internet-related legal issues.

These include copyright (who owns what), privacy and what we will and won’t do with your data, cookies , and other such matters. No, it’s not as epic and exciting as some of Dom’s adventures, but nevertheless it’s better if everyone knows where they stand.

Cookies & Privacy

This website, like almost every other site on the internet, uses cookies as a standard part of it’s operation. (In case you don’t know, cookies are tiny bits of data that your browser stores at the website’s request, and which the website can refer back to in order to go about its business correctly). In general terms, this site makes the following use of cookies:

  • Google
  • ExpressionEngine, the content management system that powers this site, makes use of cookies in the course of its normal operations (though typically only if you are logging in as a site member or administrator, which does not apply during normal use of this site);

You can control cookies though your web browser settings, allowing you to decide if you want to access sites that use cookies. (Note however, that disabling cookies can result in a degraded web browsing experience).

In addition to the cookies mentioned above, certain information may be collected as follows:

Statistical visitor tracking via Google Analytics. Near-ubiquitous on the web, Google Analytics permits the webmaster to collect standard internet log information and some generalised user statistics;

Information that you supply when filling out and submitting the Contact form. Contact form submissions are stored in the site’s database

Analytic information…

  • …is used solely for our own analysis in order to improve the site design
  • …can in no way be linked to any particular individual
  • …is available only to the website owner and, where necessary, the website designer
  • …will never be sold or distributed to third parties

Contact form information…

  • …is available only to the website owner and, where necessary, the website designer
  • …will never be sold or distributed to third parties


The copyright in both the text and image content of this website is owned by Dom Mee. All rights are reserved. The content of this site may not be reproduced elsewhere without the written permission of Dom Mee.

  1. The copyright in the text of any testimonial offered by a third party presented on this website is owned by the the original author of that testimonial.
  2. The copyright in any site content image that is not owned by Dom Mee (including by way of example but not limited to: stock photographs, stock library diagrams, etc) remains the property of its legal copyright owner.
  3. The copyright in the web code used to create this site is owned by Shark Attack Limited, with the exception of the ExpressionEngine content management system, the copyright in which is owned by EllisLab, Inc., and any third party scripts and add-ons the copyright in which is owned by their respective developers.
  4. The copyright in those images used in the interface design of the administrative back end of the ExpressionEngine content management system and/or add-on modules for that software is owned by EllisLab, Inc., or the add-on’s developer, as appropriate.


This website may link to other sites on the internet that are controlled and maintained by third parties. The owner of this site takes no responsibility for the content or availability of any such sites.